Oozing during snapshot


Hi all. Ive just set up Octoprint for the first time with my Prusa i3 MK2S and it's fantastic. Ive started playing with Octolapse which is great as well but i have an issue with the extruder oozing a wee bit during snapshots. When the extruder returns to begin printing the next layer, it wipes a small bit of plastic at the start point eventually becoming very messy. I haven't touched the default retraction settings in Octolapse and i'm not too sure which setting to adjust to prevent the oozing. The printer doesn't ooze at any other times during the print so i'm assuming its a setting somewhere in Octolapse.

Any ideas?



To the best of my knowledge, Octolapse is merely a plugin to do timelapses. It wouldn't have any control whatsoever on extrusion.

I think I would turn my attention to your slicer. I use the latest version of Cura and it includes a Settings -> Specials Modes -> Spiralize Outer Contour which sounds like what you're looking for.


Thanks for your reply.
I think i've fixed it. I lowered the extruder temp and it seems to have stopped.



Just as a side note, make sure the retraction settings in Octolapse match the retraction settings for your slicer exactly! Octolapse has no way to know how much it should retract, and how fast to do it unless you tell it within the print profile settings. If you change your retraction length/speed in your slicer, don't forget to update octolapse too, thanks!