OrcaSlicer with OctoPrint GUI inside

Just saw this video by Teaching Tech:

There he introduced the OcraSlicer

Just testing it out, but nice thing already is:

It takes the OctoPrint WEB GUI into the slicer.


Thanks for sharing, that is a nice feature. Maybe that change will make it's way to mainline PrusaSlicer.

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I tried Orca slicer screw days ago. Nice interface but the octo print web gui would connect and print but the webcam preview kept flashing couldn’t get it to work properly so I went back to Prusa

I have been using Cura exclusively for the last eight years and was getting frustrated with the UI slowing down and hanging since version 5 on windows PC's and sticking to Windows since I use Fusion 360 for designing/drawing
I saw another video referencing Orca slicer recently discussing Bambulab vs Creality K1 MAX and decided to gave Orca slicer a try and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. The current quality issues I was experiencing printing with black PETG disappeared with the default profile for Creality PETG in Orca, even before I stated fine tuning

I experimented further with test prints and custom adjustments for the filament, customizing the spool parameters using the built in tuning prints and I am getting amazing results that I never expected to achieve with the cheap PETG.

I week ago I considered upgrading hardware. Now I am not so sure anymore.