Otcoprint on a 7" display

I see a lot of videos of people running octoprint on a 7" display. what would be the easy way to install and run this. I have seen a few very complex tutorials that I have tried to follow but never got it to work and I am at a lose here. help

Start with the OctoPi image and get that completely working (using an 8GB or larger microSD).

Decide what you want to actually display on the local display. The TouchUI version seems to be easier than most setup attempts. If so, then install this plugin to your OctoPrint and make sure that it's happy.

In theory, the 7" display that's made by the Raspberry Pi Foundation is compatible.

Adafruit's documentation is usually the easiest to follow. I don't see that they've done their normal routine of step-by-step for this product so it may just work out of the box.

That said, you'll need to run sudo ~/scripts/install-desktop to install the X windows system and the Desktop that's associated with the Raspbian PIXEL version of the operating system. Don't run this if you're on a 4GB microSD card or you'll fill it up.

I’m in the command prompt on my 7” Raspberry touchscreen. I’ve tried typing

Sudo ~/scripts/install-desktop

First, the ~ button when pushed gives me a odd looking symbol.

Second, when I entered that command it gave me: Invalid option β€˜/β€˜
Then it gave me usage: sudo and a bunch of command shortcuts

What is this ~ and how do I find it on my keyboard? Thanks

You'd want to do this from your own workstation by using either ssh or putty.

ssh pi@octopi.local

...for example.

Once in, then sudo ~/scripts/install-desktop

For what it's worth, it sounds like you may need to first visit:

sudo raspi-config

...and set the localisation options for your country/region/locale/timezone. In theory, changing the locale may fix the keyboard problem. Or adjust the keyboard settings there as well.

I did get mine working I ended up installing firefox after installing desktop then I could run ocotprint in that