Overseer - Multi-printer monitoring

Hi all,

When I moved my 3D printers from my office to the basement I wanted to be able to check all printer with a quick glance. I looked for applications that provided the functionality, but couldn't find any. So I create something.

I am posting this here for 2 reasons:

  1. It seems that in every episode of Octoprint On Air someone ask about an application to allow for monitoring multiple printers from a single website. So I wanted to make people aware that the application existed.

  2. I currently have some additional free time and will be spending more time working on the application

I tried to make it as flexible as possible, but it is currently tailored to my specific needs, so I would like to know what others would like from such an application.

I recently added support for user accounts. That functionality is still on the dev branch, but I will probably be creating another release soon.

The suggested way to host the application on a network is to run it on a raspberry pi. However, the current setup/installation process is completely manual. I want to either create an image from an existing installation or at least include a script that automates the setup process.

The application can be found at https://github.com/michaelfdeberry/overseer


If you're looking to automate the creation of your image, you should checkout GuySoft's CustomPiOS which he used to generate the OctoPi image for OctoPrint.

That is perfect. Thanks

What are the benefits of this over something like MotionEyeOS?

I am not familiar with MotionEyeOS, but it looks like it is for surveillance only.

Overseer integrates with Octoprint to show relevant information about prints; such as completion percentage, estimated time remaining, temperatures; and also provide some basic controls to pause or cancel prints.

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Thank you so much for this! :heart:

Nice work!

Loving this right now, good job!! I have 3 printers printing PPE 24/7, this will be really useful!