Packing up my spare stuff

A testament to my hoarding preparedness in the Pi space...

These are the ones that aren't otherwise committed to something else right now. Apologies for the blurry photo. There are about eight Zeroes (two with headers), six 3Bs, one 3B+, one A+, an Adafruit LCD Bonnet, two TFT screens (capacitive an resistive), a PiSense hat, a PiFace and lots of spare 8GB microSD adapters. And on top of the Pi stack is a microSD folder full of them.


Is "Pi Space" the name of the store you're opening ?

I very rarely have one sitting on a shelf for more than a week before it finds a purpose

(Well, except for a single ZeroW, which did have a purpose, but is currently waiting to be a spare for another one that's been acting up)

You don't happen to have an Atomic Pi, do you ? I have a need for an x86, and they seem to be all sold out

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I don't, unfortunately.

Part of the Zero hoarding was based on the constrained one-person-one-Pi policy the Raspberry Pi Foundation created. So I made a habit of adding one per order from anything I got from Adafruit of course.

I talked earlier about how difficult it was getting 8GB cards so I bought up a bunch from the manufacturer. I'd like to eventually create a few of the Minion-based supercomputers made up of Raspis so it doesn't hurt to have a few, I suppose. They get re-used and then end up back in their boxes at times like this.

I found one. The website still says out of stock, but a phone call changed that

I spent a week and a half getting ROS loaded on a Pi, only to see that ROS2 is now out, but only runs on x86

It's a little lost on the neophyte that their naming scheme is alphabetic, btw.

It's a tad better than M$ did with their naming scheme...

Windows CE, ME, NT :wink:

XP, PE, RT...

Are you selling any of that loot?

Nope. I be hoarding that booty. /pirate

I am selling some remaining Ikea furniture though.