Palago tile (as inspired by foosel's version)

Printer: Robo C2, single extruder, PLA, no heated bed


I wanted both white/blue tops to be at the same level so I measured the bevel on my nozzle and filleted the edge seams with a 1.5mm radius. I printed this in three files: white, bluespot, bluehalf. I had to turn off autoleveling and to laboriously level my bed first. I had to manually edit the 2nd/3rd print files to compensate for the hovering-above-the-bed; Cura didn't honor my wishes with respect to floating the blue parts 2.4mm off the bed. (grrr) I also added some manual G0 commands to bring the head safety down/in so as not to crash into the existing part.

Technically, I could remove the similar fillet on all blue edges and it would work just fine but this version is symmetric and I think I prefer that.

38.34mm across, 4.2mm thick (as printed)

For whatever reasons, I decided to adjust the flow rate to 104%. It just seemed to throw down a good first layer that way so I went with it.


Just an idea, but with the Klipper plugin, you can manually move your carriage to the appropriate starting point for the first and second files, then use SET_KINEMATIC_POSITION to tell it you are at 0,0,0. The file, at that point, will print as if you are homed.

oops... make that the second and third files.

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That's what I'm used to from the land of CNC. (You can never tell exactly where your stock will land.)

Nice. I remember what I had to go thru to get my logo onto the pi case in a different color on a printer with only one extruder

That was a fun day

Is this for your wall or your floor ?

Seems like it might take awhile to print enough to cover your apartment

It's a board game. It's a bit like Go if you've ever played that.