Palette2 and Filament Manager

I just set up filament manager and the shared database only to find out that it doesnt support the Palette2. Is it possible to make it compatible or does anyone know of a plugin that already works with it?

Thank you.

Probably the easiest way is to find someone who wants to take over development of the Filament Manager plugin...

...and then give them a Pallete2.


Ha! I wasnt aware it wasnt being developed anymore. Thats a shame.

Thanks for replying.

Search the forum here, especially the Development and Plugins forum areas. Maybe someone has taken it over. But now you need someone who also has a Pallette2 and given the cost, that limits who could do justice to the work.

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I have a palette 2 but haven't yet looked to see what is possible from a communication aspect for tracking usage. I do have the canvas hub and palette plugins installed. Probably just need to see how it pulls data.


There you go, audiorazer. Now just send jneilliii a milliiion dollars and he'll own the Filament Manager plugin... for the win!

I doubt I would be very helpful but if you decide to pursue it and need any help, please let me know.

So it does appear that there is a handleFilamentUsed command that is processed within the palette plugin, but I don't remember every seeing that displayed anywhere in the interface. My Palette is currently offline since I was doing some printer upgrades/repairs so won't be able to look any further for a while. Not even sure if this would be something I'm interested in since that feature is more of a print farm solution for billing in my mind.

Fair enough. I’ll poke around and see what I can find also. I just like the idea because I have 100+ rolls and it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Just wondering... what would you charge for that kind of work?

Wow, 100+ rolls.

@OutsourcedGuru, $80/hr seems fair.

Yeah, for someone with an expensive piece of 3D printing equipment and the skills to do the plugin... that seems about right.

Any luck on this or pulling any data from Palette? Things like pings/number of splices/filament used interest me. I want to pull some of that info to Home Assistant and use some for automation and notification.

I personally haven't had the time to look. The Palette plugin for OctoPrint though does show this data while a print is ongoing.

Deleted redundant post. See here for the one which remains.