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Parse or e.g. search a line in Gcode before print starts


I like to look for a row (not a Gcode) that is included in the GCODE file by the slicer. Is there a way to search the file printed if the user starts the print? Actually I am using hook octoprint.comm.protocol.gcode.sent but the information I looked for is added at the end of the file. :slight_smile: So it will come in too late.

As I am quite new to OctoPrint Plugins and published my first one perhaps you can give me a hint where to look (e.g. another plugin). In the hooks I did not find one for my need. But perhaps I am looking at the wrong place.

Many thanks in advance,

You probably want to look at the bundled FileCheck plugin, that does some small analysis.

Thatโ€™s perfect. I learned with that plugin how to use events found there, thatโ€™s is exactly I need. Many thanks.


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