Part cooling fans not working after octolapse setup

First of all, a really HUGE thanks to FormerLurker to have created OctoLapse, it is really a must-have plug-in, at least for me.
I recently found an issue but I don't know where it's coming from.

I succesfuly managed to set up octolapse without any problems except that cooling fans don't work anymore after the first 4 layer (Cura setting) in which they don't have to run: there are M106 commands in the gcode after a some lines so I assume that is not a slicer problem (currently using Cura ver. 4.8.0), but when printing, they do not start at all, so I need to manually set their value via octoprint or via the printer controls; before OctoLapse the fans worked fine and started when they should have to, after 4 layers.

I really don't know why and I hope you guys will help me to figure this out.
It's very frustrating to set manually the fan speed everytime I print something.

I'm using an Ender 3 v2 with marlin, customized to fit a -9mm y home offset for HeroMe gen 5 and all the fan's wiring/connections are fine and good, continuity check passed also.
Octoprint version 1.5.1 / Octolapse version 0.4.1

Much obliged to you for refreshing us with the outcome!