Pause a job, do an other one, continue

I want to implement some kind of Round Robin Algorithm for several printers which are connected to OctoPrint.
Therefore, I need to pause Job 1, start printing Job 2, and after some time pause Job 2 and continue Job 1 where I paused at the first step.
Is this possible? Does OctoPrint remember, where I paused in a gcode-File, when I pause and change a printing job?

Could you attempt to describe this more concretely?

  • We hear that you have multiple printers
  • We hear that you have two print jobs
  • We're not sure if you're
    • starting Job 1 on Printer 1 and starting Job 2 on Printer 2 or
    • starting both jobs on each of the printers

To me, "round robin" is something used in DNS servers:

  • www1
  • www2
  • www3
  • www4

A new client does a DNS lookup for and it's first resolved to www1. The next client gets www2. The fourth client gets www4 and the fifth client gets www1, etc.

To me, if you're trying to mention round robin then you're asking for some sort of job queue mechanism for a print farm. Just describe what you're actually trying to do.