Pause and alert

Hello! Newbie here, to everything. I've only been printing for about three weeks now and am still grasping the whole code thing, so if you jump right in and start telling me to put this line in here or there, chances are you'll lose me. Otherwise I'm enjoying the hell out of it and will soon get a good grasp on it all.
Now to my question, is there a plugin or way to pause a print at a certain layer and then alert me when it has paused? I have a 700+ layer print and want to change filament about mid way. Rather than just setting an alarm for about five hours in to check on it, I thought it would be more productive to have it pause and alert. If not, maybe this will be a suggestion for someone who is a hell of a lot smarter than me to create one?
Thanks for welcoming me in and for any responses. I look forward to learning a lot from you all and hope to contribute at some time.

Maybe you're looking for this plugin?

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Looks like a good start. Didn't think to search for a color change plugin. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

You can also do this within your slicer. Sometimes it requires a plugin to the slicer, other times it is built in, just depends on what you are using to slice your files with.

I use the Creality slicer, which I believe is Cura based. I looked and sure enough there is a plugin there to do this. Thanks!