Pause at layer plugin?

Has anyone come across a plug in that will allow me to pause at layer for filament change. I know I can watch the viewer and pause manually, but I was hoping someone had a plugin that would work. I tried Multi Color and it is for Cura 1.3 and I am using 1.6. I also print directly to my printer via the Octopi, most slicers require a SD card for layer pauses.

Hello @Ben.Miller !

Besides the ability of some slicers there is:

I tried this plugin, but it won't work. I don't know if the developer is keeping it updated.

Ultimaker Cura is currently version 5.2.2. I don't know when your version of Cura was released but it appears to be very old.

All of the current generation of slicers I have installed have the ability to pause at a given layer by, in most cases, inserting an M601, an M600, or custom gcode. What gcode to use will depend on what your printer's firmware supports.

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