Pause button, malfunction? IDK

I'm a tad unhappy, with the "pause" menu. Half a roll of filament into a 36hour job, I tried to hand feed a new roll, when the one being used ran out. But there was a knob on the end of the roll, so the end didn't want to push on thru, so I hit pause with the mouse, no response from the button but when the buffer ran dry the printer did stop. I sorted the feed problem and clicked pause again, to be greeted by the print button turning red and restart as text. So I clicked on it when the printer didn't unpause. And of coarse it restarted, from the top of that 30 meg file. major crash time. Work wrecked, 14 hours into a 36hour job. Please, where can I find the docs that explain how that pause button is supposed to work? Running 1.8.6 on a banana pi m5, feeding the latest klipper.

Have you setup any OctoPrint Gcode scripts for Pause?

There are also Pause scripts/macros for Klipper

There aren't specific docs on how the pause button works, because it is expected that it 'just works'. If there was documentation for every button in the UI we would be here forever just documenting - a good UI should not require documentation.

It sounds like you rather have problem with the pause process on your specific install, and so it would be better to use a 'Get Help' topic, or move this topic to that category and share a systeminfo bundle, test in safe mode and provide as much information about your setup & printer as necessary.

I'd disagree, but not too noisily, Charley. Filling in the blanks to make it work really should be up to us, but clicking on the pause button should described as to what octoprint actually does do by default, and noted what the default action is as far as the data flow is concerned. I retrospect, the text on the left button was changed to Restart on a red background, which should have been a warning. the text on the pause button was unchanged, and there was not any visual response. IMO the text and the background color of the pause button should change to "Resume" with another attention getting color, green perhaps. That would at least let us know the mouse click was recognized.

Thank you. Take care and stay well, Charley.

What you have described is what the button should do.


Note that if the buffer on your printer is particularly large, the state might stay as 'Pausing' for a few seconds until OctoPrint is sure the printer has stopped. If this isn't how it is happening, then you have some kind of specific issue.

I'll double check, tomorrow

one a much smaller file, pause did as it should, given the timedelay for the buffer to empty. About 10 seconds.