Pause/Resume Temperature Polling


Is there a method via injected property or mixin to pause/resume temperature polling?


I'm not aware of one, but I'd sure like to be able to play with the polling as well. I vaguely recall a thread on a different forum/group where @foosel said that due to how integrated the temperature poll is with OctoPrint's core functionality that it would be very difficult to change the current behavior.

Personally, my main use case for messing around with this is that I use OctoPrint to drive a few CNC machines where temperature simply isn't something the machine deals with at all. All the M105 call and response is just noise for those machines.

It would be awesome if through the plugin system we could hook in to either disable the poll (which surely has some nasty implications around the watchdog functions its overloaded with) or change the poll to something else. For my mill and lathe, I wouldn't mind M114 or even better ? polling on a regular basis for some (latent but better than nothing) DRO functionality.


"M155 S0" will disable auto temperature reporting. OctoPrint Settings, Serial Connection, Intervals & timeouts let's you set (or disable) the auto temperature reporting and you can also set the interval for polling (I'm not sure if 0 will disable those as well).

You can use the Terminal tab in OctoPrint to send an "M155 S0" or an "M155 S" command while actively printing. Is this enough or do you really need 'via injected property or mixin'?


What I see is that when you disable autotemp reporting with M155 S0 OctoPrint starts manual polling using M105. So what I ended up doing is using M155 S30 to delay the reporting longer. Still doesn't meet my exact need but it's a workaround.


On the OctoPrint Settings screen, you can set the M155 delay or set it to 0 and then you can set the time between polls. I was thinking of the "not a printer" connections that might not need temperatures at all.

If you don't mind my asking, what is your exact need?


It's for my BedLevelVisualizer plugin. If the temp reports while retrieving the mesh data the temp data gets mixed in with the mesh report.