Pausing and Resuming via M601

I use PruserSlicer and I am trying to do some embedding of magnets. PruserSlicer adds an M117 message and then M601 in the code. I added M601 to the pause commands in Octoprint so it pauses.

The challenge I have is that when Octoprint pauses it turns off the filament heating. However when it resumes it does not turn it back on. Which means that the printer is trying to print with the filament cold and that does not go well!

Currently I have nothing in the GCode scripts for pause and resume. I could hard code a temperature command into there however I would then have to change that for different types of material. Is there a way to get it to resume the temperature it had previously? I think Octoprint probably stores these values somewhere but I do not know how to use them.

Also the M117 command does not seem to actually display the message. Is it filtered out by octoprint some how?

No, it doesn't. This is M601 doing this and confirmed firmware bug:

Well that is annoying. They are not right either, I updated from 3.93 because I hoped that going to 3.10 would resolve the issue! I guess my only way out for now then is to manually change the M601 for an M0 or something in the gcode file.

Thanks for the pointer Foosel.

Perhaps post processing in your slicer, there's a few examples around for Prusaslicer.

You can tell PrusaSlicer to use whatever GCode you want instead of M601:

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