Performing actions without connecting to printer

I was searching web for a few days now and still, did not find the solution for my problem. I am looking for a plugin that will allows me to perform some actions without requirement of connecting to my printer.
In terms of behavior, it should be similar to CustomControlEditor plugin (which gives you ability to place your own buttons (int Control tab) and specify actions that should be performed on click). Unfortunately, CustomControlEditor does not work, without such connection.
What I am trying to achieve is to perform some system action (like e.g.: creating file, or restart some specified service) if there is no printers connected to my RPi.
Does anyone know such plugin or was struggling witch such problem in the past? I was planning to write such pluggin on my own, but i wanted to ask first. If the question is not clear, let me know, I will edit it properly.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Wojciech_S!

You can setup a virtual printer:

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And of course you can exercise the REST API, the JavaScript Client Library, drop files into the watch folder for a form of upload. You can use curl or Postman or anything similar.

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How about System Command Editor, not sure if it works without a connection, but I think it might.