Physical Button -> Toggle for GCODE possible?


I have a button box connected to a raspberry that drives an Ender 3.

Two questions regarding the PlugIn Physical Button and sending GCODE commands:

  • why does the web interface have to be connected to ovtoprint so that the gcodes can be sent? I thought that everything runs independently on the raspberry?
  • how can I build a GCODE toggle button with the plugin? I would like to have a button that toggles the bed temperature from 0 -> 60 -> 70 -> 0 -> 60 -> 70 etc...

is that possible?

Looking at the code, this doesn't appear to be the way the Physical Button plugin is programmed. If it's not working with the browser closed then you should definitely open an issue on the plugin's GitHub repository.

I'm not sure if that is possible and would be a feature request for the plugin.