Pi GPIO to NavBar-buttons Plugin - free for adoption or other use

I wrote a small plugin that can be used to control Pi's GPIOs directly via NavBar Buttos.
It doesn't use Pythons GPIO support. Access to GPIOs is done by os calls.
The buttons also show the status of the respective pin and are updated automatically.

I did it, because I was tired of always having to go to the printer to turn it on and see if it was on or off.

Since I hadn't found anything suitable in the published plugins, I just wrote one new myself.

It isn't ready for publishing to the plugin repository. Unfortunately I don't have the time to finish this.
Therefore the codes here as a zip archive.
Maybe someone wants to adopt it or use the sources in some other way.
Actually it's called Printer Base Status.

PrnBaseStatus.zip (2.8 KB)

Interesting, PSU Control plugin has these options for GPIO triggering.