PINDA temperature

Hi all, I was wondering if there any known way to display the pinda temp in the temperatures tab ?

I haven't found any yet, not for lack of trying. It may take a plugin to enhance the M105 (or M155 if firmware supports it, which apparently Prusa firmware doesn't) reply parsing. For example, on my MK3S with the printer sitting idle here is the response (that I usually filter out in the terminal tab) to M105:

Send: M105
Recv: ok T:20.2 /0.0 B:20.9 /0.0 T0:20.2 /0.0 @:0 B@:0 P:20.3 A:27.9

AFAIK, Octoprint only seems to parse the T: (or T0:, not sure which since on my single tool printer they are the same) and the B:. I'm not sure how enclosure temperatures are parsed since I don't have an enclosure. It would be nice to be able to add both the P: (Pinda) and A: (Einsy RAMBo board temperature sensor, this is what the firmware reports as "Ambient") as arguments in a custom parsing string. But this capability doesn't exist and I don't have the programming skills to work something up (nor the time in my life for building the programming skills for such an endeavor).

EDIT: Oops, sorry. I didn't pay attention to the original posting date. My apologies for resurrecting this necro post. It was the first hit on my search for "pinda" to see if there was any discussion on including PINDA temperature reporting, something that I recognize is pretty much exclusive to only one model of printer out there.

It is nice to hear that im not the only one who is looking for the pinda temp :slight_smile:
I only start the bed leveling when pinda is temp is 35c, for now i added few lines to the G codes to wait till temp hit the goal then start the process.

Yeah, 35°C seems to be the community agreed upon value, but after some thought I think just over 35°C is better. I use 36°C, but might push that up to 37°C. The reason for this is based on the PINDA temperature calibration routine that is baked in the Prusa MK3(S) firmware. That calibration's lowest reading is at 35°C so corrections above 35°C are between two readings, but if the reading is below 35°C the corrections are below the calibrated range. Once the mesh leveling starts, the PINDA cools a little, pulling it's operational temperature outside the calibrated range. I give it 1°C (potentially eventually 2°C) of working time to stay within the calibrated range. Or so my untested theory goes... :wink:

Just a note to help future visitors.

I am using the "Top Temp" Plug-In for OctoPrint as in this you can create a custom Temperature item, and then once you have selected "From Printer" as the Type, you can select Regexp" to "Probe" from the Pre-Defined Drop-Down Menu Button.

This then creates a nice graph at the top that can be shown on mouse-over to see the PINDA probe temperature.

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