PINN & OctoPi as an available OS

Enjoying using OctoPrint, flashed using OctoPi. I also have the full RasbertyPi OS installed on a second card and swap as required. I have been looking at a second pi to save on the swapping, but quite expensive/unavailable.
Just discovered PINN and the multiple OS's available.
Will Octopi ever become on of the avaiable OS's. Or what is the best available OS from PINN and then a manual install.

I wouldn't hold my breath for OctoPi being included on their list but you would have to ask the PINN folks about it,

From the list at I'd try Ubuntu 20.10 64bit Desktop.

There should be some topics on manually installing OctoPrint. Use search to find them.

This is the best option at the moment for easy install on other linux OS.

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Thanks for the reply Brad, i will look into your suggestion

Thanks for the reply, will have a go at this script. Now to choose the OS lol

Thanks for info guys. All up and running, much appreciated