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Hey Guys -

I've been printing pretty much nonstop since getting my Ender 3 Pro for Christmas which I currently have connected to a RasPi 3 using Octoprint /w many plugins. Typically, I design/download on my workstation, use Cura 4.4.1 to slice, then send it directly to start printing via OctoPrint. I love all the plugins but there's one feature I'm looking for which I haven't found yet...

Being a statistical person, I'd like to be able to view a report, CSV, whatever which displays all past print jobs in a table along with the slicing settings used for each of them.

For example, I just completed a small print this morning of a Caliper Peg Board Mount. When viewing the table, I'd want it to list the following for it...

  • Filename / name of design
  • Estimated time to complete
  • Resulting time to complete
  • Weight of filament used
  • Layer height
  • Wall Line Count
  • Infill %
  • Infill Pattern
  • Support Type (if any)
  • Overhang
  • Plate adhesion (if any)
  • Print speed
  • Infill Speed
  • Travel speed
  • Support speed

Scrolling down past this would display the same stats for jobs completed prior to this...

I recently added the InfluxDB plugin which I image would have many of these stats, but am having issues with it plus am sure most don't have InfluxDB + Grafana set up.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi @bzowk,
the plugin I am currently developing covers a some of your requested parameters:

There is also a slicer-setting parser I will include in the history-plugin:
But this is on the "mid-term" planing, like the connection to a Influx-DB, see

Currently it is a release candidate, so it is not listed in the offical repository. Hopefully I will finish the last cleanups in the next two weeks.

C ya,

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Olli -

That's great - Thanks! I'll give it a shot once my print completes.

To note to all, I did some lookups on my InfluxDB database which the plugin writes to and it only seemingly sends 4 parameters so is very lacking.

Thanks again