Plugin files no longer present after 1.6.0

Hey all

I develop the Terminal Response plugin and have had this issue opened up:

The plugin no longer shows up even though it says it's installed.
A check of ~/OctoPrint/venv3/lib/python3.7/site-packages shows no corresponding directory with my plugin.

It seems to be an issue after installing 1.6.0 as I specifically checked this before and after installing. Has anyone run into a similar issue and know of a fix?


You need a log file to analyse this kind of issue, always.

this was the top of the release notes of 1.6.0.

Heads-up for plugin authors: Support for the plugin control properties __plugin_init__ and __plugin_implementations__ (plural!) has been removed


Need to switch __plugin_init__ to __plugin_load__ control property I think.

facepalm... Should've looked at the release notes. Thanks for your continued support since I first started to write this plugin.

That's a good idea in general, and as a plugin author it's an even better idea to pay attention to the release notes of the release candidates already, and if at all possible test your plugins against those, because otherwise you'll force your users to test against the new version for you once it sees a stable release.

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@acky I noticed one small thing. You created the release like I mentioned in the PR so your users get update notices, but unfortunately it's not tagged properly with the version number.

You need to make sure the version number is in the tag, not the title when creating your release.


Haha so sorry you've had to hold my hand. Thanks for the heads up.

No worries, we all started somewhere. There was much hand holding for me back in the day by @foosel, just trying to pass on the knowledge.