Plugin for KP303 Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug Extension Cable


I have a KP303 Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug Extension Cable that im currently using for my tropical fish tank. timers etc. Theres a spare socket there that i was thinking i could use for powering the printer via octoprint.

Ive had a quick look at a couple of plugins and none seem to work with this power bar.

Has anyone got any experience of getting this to work with octoprint.

Thanks for any advice.


It's strange you're experiencing issues with my TPLinkSmartPlug plugin. There have been multiple people use the KP303 device before and it was someone else that tested and verified.

It's strange, ill have another fiddle tonight.

Maybe try in a docker container.


Just to verify, when you do test again, make sure that when you set up the individual device in settings that you are using the <ip>/<plug_number> syntax for the IP address.

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Not sure whats different, but its now working. kinda...

plug turns on when sending to print via cura but doesnt seem to turn off after a prints finished.


That will depend on how you configure it. I personally use the idle timer option. Otherwise you have to setup gcode triggers and add them to your end gcode in the slicer.

dont spose you coud share your settings?

Ive set the idle timer to turn the plug off and set a print off when i went to bed, it was still powered on when i got up lol.

Thank you for your time.


Sure, most people miss this checkbox.


Brilliant, that got it.

Thanks very much, great plugin.


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