[Plugin Help Needed] Bootstrap Tabs in Settings Stop Displaying Anything


So I'm working on some updates to the OctoPrint-BedLevelVisualizer plugin and ran into a strange bug that I can't quite figure out. Something is causing the plugin's settings to lose its view binding. If you install from the branch linked above, follow the wizard to enter your gcode commands to retrieve a bed topography report from your firmware, switch to the tab, when you go into settings the data is not displaying. Any other time in the process when you go to settings the view is binding correctly and you see data. I don't see any errors in octoprint.log or in the browser's console indicating an issue. Any suggestions?


If I'm looking at the right code you just changed, my gut's telling me that the...

line 12 -
line 28 +

...is where I'd focus my attention.


So I think it's not a binding issue but a display issue. I'm using bootstrap tabs, so I'm going to start searching for possible issues there.


Think I might have found the problem, there was a missing class name on one of the containing divs that once I added it seems to be working and I haven't been able to reproduce the issue.