[Plugin Idea] Communicate with WLED devices for RGB Lightning

Idea for a plugin to control remote WLED devices for RGB Lightning as they can work "in sync" with each other.

Support for the project: https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED

Got this as a feature request on my plugin here: https://github.com/cp2004/OctoPrint-WS281x_LED_Status/issues/10

I looked into it, (and unless you also requested on my repo) that's 3 requests I've seen, however I don't own any ESP hardware etc. to develop against. But it would definitely be possible.

It's on my list, but if anyone wanted to create this, then feel free to use my plugin as a base, it would be possible to replace the EffectRunner class to send requests to WLED instead of a strip connected straight to the Pi.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately it's out of my wheelhouse.

Yeah, looks like that project supports MQTT and web request actions for control. Wouldn't be too difficult with either of those I don't think. I have done both for Tasmota flashed devices.

You could also use OctoPrint-Webhooks

I might have to get an ESP board now, and become ultimate LED plugin developer :wink:

They're fun to play with, and super cheap. I've done a couple of different ones, nodemcu, sonoff relays, wemo relay/plugs and an esp32cam board.

Edit: The nodemcu was controlling my blinds opening/closing during sunrise/sunset by controlling a servo motor attached to the inside rod replacing the twisting pole thingy.