[Plugin Idea] IFTTT Support

Add an OctoPrint IFTTT.com skill.
Triggers could be:
Print Started [PrintName]
Print Paused [PrintName]
Print Finished [PrintName] [ElapsedTime]
Print Failed [PrintName] [ElapsedTime]

Actions could be:
Start Print [filename on SD card/file system] (not sure this is doable)
Pause Current Print
Stop Current Print
Power Off
Power On (not sure this is possible)

Use case would be to easily integrate with all Smart Homes systems as well as Alexa/Google Home, etc. which would open up a world of possibilities.

More info on building IFTTT Services: https://platform.ifttt.com/docs

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So that plugin can send Trigger messages, but I don't think it handles Action messages. ie it can tell IFTTT that a print has started, stopped, or paused, but IFTTT can't tell OctoPrint to Start, Stop, or Pause a print. It is basically one way communication with IFTTT. Is that correct?

That I don't know, I've never used the plugin.