Plugin idea: scheduled printing

Hi all,

I would find it useful to have an option to start printing at some time. We have a printer in the office and not everybody is happy to hear it working. Ideally, I would want to upload the gcode and say: "print at 20:00 h", so I can pick the result next morning.

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My unpublished playlist plugin will do that kind of. You would add the file you want to schedule to the playlist queue and then set the time restrictions of when the playlist should run. It was originally designed for a sandart machine that runs constantly and you set a blackout period of when it doesn't run.

Looks like the right way to implement this feature.

How can I install your plugin?

Thanks very much

Use the URL below in plugin manager.

Hi @ediaz,
another option could be the "autostart plugin".

After the octoprint-server printer is fired up and connected to the printer. The printer-job autostarts with the last uploaded file.

Installation via Plugin-Manager or URL:

You should change the name of that to "OctoPrint-RiskyBusiness". ha

The last time I tried to start a print job and I wasn't standing there with the printer, I'd forgotten that I'd left something perched on top of the printer (something heavy). So I'm in the other room thinking that I'm cool and starting the job from there (of course, I can't see the top of the printer from the internal webcam).

All hell broke loose. I hear CRASH!, SLAM!, slam, slam, crunch, slam, crunch, grindy noises... So I'm trying to do an emergency stop. The whatever had fallen, slammed into the print bed, knocked that loose, then put a big dent in my Ikea furniture, etc.

Good point!
Instead of renaming I will add a hint in the description like:

"Use at your own risk!!!"

The idea is to start print jobs after everyone leaves the office, so autostart will not work for me. Thanks for the attention anyway.