Plugin installation date


Hey guys, I´ve dealing with something that has happened before. My octoprint started to become slower, glitching during prints.

I´ve found that safe mode makes it better, and so if I save thefile in SD card, even printing from Octoprint it works.

Maybe a plugin is interfering with my printing, but once I´ve been away several days, I don´t remember the last installed plugins.

Is there a way to know the plugin installation dates? It would be nice it it became visible in plugin manager. Is that possible?



Settings -> Logs -> look for the log related to the Plugin Manager and look through that.


Tks, but it´s still didn´t find it in an easy way. It would be great if at plugin manager, "installed plugins" screen had that info,and if we could sort by date or by active status would be great.


Wouldn't that indicate the last-installed plugin?