Plugin settings cannot be saved on Pi but in VirtualEnv


i am trying to create a plugin for my Raspberry Pi, therefore i set up the OctoPrint instance in a VirtualEnv. on a Ubuntu 20.04 System. After testing the Plugin in the VirtualEnv i have installed it to my Raspberry Pi.
The plugin loads and is fully displayed, but the Savebutton is "spinning around" and does not react. This only happens on my Pi. In other threads they say that an error in the settings_template creates this behavior.

Can you provide me some tips for checking the jinja2 code for mistakes. Is there a good linter?

Thank you a lot!

with kind regards

Might be easier to review your code if you have it available to look at on github or somewhere like that. Typically you would look in the developer console of google chrome to look for errors related to knockout binding issues.

The spinning button usually indicates an internal error, check the logs/browser console (you can upload them here).

Error is not in the template (since if it renders then it has worked) but the Python or JS side.