Plugin Suggestion

Hi, I have no programming experience so forgive me for that😊 I am also a quadriplegic and struggle to type so forgive my sentence structure.

My suggestion for an octoprint plugin is one that runs a bed levelling process at the start of every print and if the bed variance is greater than a predetermined amount It pauses the print.
This requires obviously aN auto bed levelling setup.

This seems seems like something that should be easy to do?:face_with_monocle::wink: and to make sure you don’t start a print where the bed level is off for some reason. For exampleGetting a piece of plastic under the flexible build plate, or somebody’s bashed the printer, or maybe printing out at a new temperature which significantly affects the build plate levelLing.

I have a prusa mk3 Which I know has a built-in compensation for unlevel bed but it doesn’t cope with these situations in my experience. I got someone to add the Nylok bed levelling upgrade to get the variance low.

So To reiterate:

Run a bed level
Calculate the variance
Compare variance to preset allowance
If within limits continue print
If outside limits Pause print and send message

What do you think?