Plugin to display "time left" on top

I would like to have a plugin to display the time left on the top of my page, or at least a way to see this more easily, like changing size or color.

But it's always there on the left (in normal mode) . Why do you need it at the top too? Or are you using an alternate interface?

I'm about to have a plugin ready for you. I just started it to see how difficult it would be. More info to follow.

Here you go. It works.

image (7.7 KB)

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It 's there, but there is too much information at the same place.

Great, I love it, exactly what I needed!!
Is there a way to choose color and size?
Will you add it to repo?

There are no settings whatsoever. If you want me to update it and maintain the plugin, then it will require some financial support. Otherwise, you can modify the files themselves to your hearts desire.

it's good enough for me, maybe, one day I will take a look inside trying to change that.
thanks a lot