Plugin to interact with LCDProc? (LCDd)

I have just set up a Pi-Stack to interact with my 3D printers and thought it would be cool to have lcds connected to show all the stats in one place. Have anyone ever made a plugin to make OctoPrint interact with lcdproc?
I bought four of these:

I guess I could use them to display system stats. But information from OctoPrint would be cooler.
I'm happy with the build in any case...

(And yes, I should have read up before buying...)

Hello @lugiber !

You may have a look on this:


I have checked that one out. But his connections are fixed and uses six cables.
My display uses the i2c bus and only uses two cables (plus two to power the display). So his solution won't work for me. Sadly.
Lcdproc is an lcd server with support for many displays. So that solution would work best for everyone (i think).

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There are a handful of i2c plugins available.This one looks possibly relevant.


But that plugin is not for python 3. So I can't use it.
The reason I'm asking for lcdproc is that it's a server. It can work with many types of displays and display resolutions. Basically the communication works like this:
Octoprint -> Lcdproc -> random lcd display (with a controller supported by lcdproc) connected to any pins on the raspberry pi.
So, lcdproc has the shotgun effect. You don't have to use a specific resolution on the display, the plugin wouldn't be bound by a specific controller or anything. As long as the display is working with lcdproc it will work with octoprint. (To put it simple.)
Think about it like a graphics card, you shouldn't have to worry if you use a specific version of an ATI or Nvidia card. You just want your screen to work.

A plugin for LCDProc def makes sense but nothing exists yet that I know of.

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Thanks, I was afraid of that.
And sadly I don't know enough Python/programming to write one. Besides I don't really agree with the syntax of the language...

What you are looking for is here but its not a plugin.

Thanks for letting me know!
But for me it has to be via LCDProc since I use custom connections to my lcds and octoprint kind of lets you configure which cables go where so to speak.
Looks like a cool project though!

I assume you have one raspberry you want to to collect from other octopi installs?
Have you considered a PC monitor? The octokittylcd script already displays some info to the shell.
You could modify the script to run in the local profile when a user login, comment out sending to the lcd display and
Echo what you want on your monitor and then clear the screen after each display and of course have multiple connections to different octopi servers.

The script is pretty basic and should be easy to see what's going on in there.

If I get the time, I might mod it to display to a PC screen.

Here you go a linux script. This is for a pc monitor connected to a Pi and allows you to monitor up to 3 servers. Or SSH to any linux box remotely and see everything printing on your farm
Its easy to mod and add more servers to monitor

OctoKittyScreen Ver1.0
Look in the thing files