Plugin to Sound When Print Complete?

I recently moved my printer from the living room to a back bedroom. Now, I can't hear the beep I have encoded in the gcode when the print completes. Since I have octoprint running on my laptop already, is there a plugin that can sound an alert locally through the interface when the print is complete? I know that there are plugins that send SMS and notifications, but I don't own a cellphone, so that's no help. Thanks.

I've written a couple that will give feedback from the web UI.

M117SpeechSynthesis will actually speak to you M117 messages, which can be put into the print complete (OctoPrint GCODE Scripts)/end gcode (from your Slicer).

M300 Player will make beepy noises that mimics what the default printer speaker will so with the same M300 commands.

You could also do mobile apps with companion plugins like Printoid for Android and OctoPod for iOS devices that do push notifications.

No cellphones :slight_smile: Thanks, though,

My first reply doesn't require cell phones, just a laptop or computer connected to your octoprint's webpage.

I'm sorry. I didn't realize that you posted both responses and I thought that I replied to the first one as well. I meant to thank you for those suggestions. They look like exactly what I was looking for. The SpeechSynthysis one looks cool especially :slight_smile:

Thank you and again, I apologize.