Plugin to take Notes/List

Just wondering Is there one? Something that would save notes or a list on Octopie Server and could access through web interface would be very useful. Maybe i missed it?

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What sort of notes or list did you have in mind?

In theory, a plugin could write to the data folder for the plugin itself and could display something either on the Settings page for it or on a dedicated tab.

I was hoping something similar to google Tasks/Keep To write notes/ to-dos/lists/reminders where they are saved on server and available in interface. Thought for sure there would be something like this.

What, like "don't forget to put white filament back into sealed bag"...?

Personally, I would see all my note-taking activities to be more file-specific like personal notes to remind me that this particular file was sliced for carbon fiber—infused PLA or spool-specific like the cheap blue 1KG spool wants 185 or so rather than 190. Or that the flexible PLA needs a +10%/-10% adjustment to flow/feed rates.

Is this for a business with lots of printers?

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No not a business. Just someone who spends way too much time with the interface open all day Learning as much as i can. I am also very forgetful. What u said also sounds great notes based on gcode files. I was thinking more like tasks/keep where u can make reminders and lists and easily access them.

What you're asking for isn't too difficult. I'm teaching you that in marketing terms, you need to sell the reason more so that someone might decide to perform the free labor necessary to build the plugin. The plugin author must be able to see some compelling reason why you'd need to do this and not just task-switch over to an application that does this well. Why OctoPrint and not something else.

If this had been a printer farm and you had 100 printers, then I could see the need to store maintenance records on each, for example. It would be nice to virtually walk up to one of these printers and to know when the hotend was last changed, any outstanding problems it may have, etc.

But for the single-printer owner I personally am not seeing the big value yet, as described.


I threw one together a while back...see this thread. Not in any way robust, but does add a text area that can be updated on screen.


Ty im gonna give it a shot.

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Well if i did have a Print farm i sure wouldn't be watching everything myself. Whoever watches over will have access to any notes observations right there. Not to mention some people are doing R&D and don't want there info on google servers to be stolen.(If u believe that kinda thing) That way Important notices like to keep an eye on a certain machine or where we are on a project are local and secure. Privacy will always win Whether u have 1 printer or 100.

I would hope this forum would be a "data space" of: printer stuff.

Printer, media, slicer, OS, SD or OctoPi, Temps, Fan mods, tip mods, speed, hight, bed leveling technique, etc...
un Materials
I was going to just build my own in LibreBase.

I have Cura 18.0.4 installed on my primary workstation. It's a 10yr old HPmini 110, running Lubuntu (ubuntu lite) but any debian ubuntu or compiled 32bit app runs on it. The Atom it has is clasified as an i686 (a xeon) not really. It is great.
Else I have Pi, Pi, Pi's all over! 10 or 12... I'm finally finding good apps firewalls, network wide ad removers... Oops I digress.

Perhaps a My Pi section, what else we are doing with our Pi's.
I've been trolling, but I've got 28yrs IT Systems & Network Engineer experience. I still havent touched IP6.

Sorry for the multi topic post, but these are things that might help perk this forum up!

No apologies necessary for the digressions, I'm like that, too.

If this were my website, I'd imagine opening up the discussion to a little of everything. There seem to be times lately where people sort of expect some pretty unexpected support for things completely outside of the scope of OctoPrint itself though.

  • almost a third of the requests seem to be webcam-related (OctoPrint technically only shows the webcam image but that's about it)
  • an amazing amount of the requests are basic I.T. networking troubles and have nothing to do with OctoPrint itself nor the OctoPi image
  • people seem to want to put this on every sort of operating system and device they can think of and then want assistance for that BananaPi or ESP8266 chip or whatever they're trying to use
  • we keep getting these requests and push-backs from people trying to remotely access their OctoPrint over the Internet without necessarily doing the difficult work to harden their defenses
  • so many people want to string LED lights all around and through their printers without realizing how much power this takes
  • everybody wants to create some Frankenstein monster of a Raspi + ATX power supply where they've patched the power and control this way and that... without any prior knowledge whatsoever of electronics or electricity

OctoPrint is open-sourced and has a rich API set to allow it to be highly-customized. And so, it attracts the inventive people out there, gives them exciting new ideas to be implemented. Invariably, they then bring their questions to our doorstep.

It is good to vent sometimes. TY VM I'm an admin, not a programmer. Apple BASIC was the last language I was proficient in. FORTRAN on Cards ala PDP11 didn't excite me in college. Nor did batch processing on OS390. :slight_smile: wheeeee.


I actually invented a printable alphabet for Baudot- and ASCII-based Teletypewriter paper tape based upon the shape the holes made. Think of it as being able to hold the paper tape at arm's length and just read the holes as if they were printed from a dot-matrix printer instead.

In case you've never seen the stuff...

There was a time when you could actually see the bits of storage in a memory device (core memory).


Thanks for this. I've downloaded it and look forward to using it!