Plugin update available message but plugin update is already on correct version

iḿ using the octopi image and updaed the octoprint to the 1.10.0 version from there.
installed the telegram plugin and it works well.

this week i received a message the there is an update for the telegram plugin and installed that.
however somehow the new version seems not visible towards the update checker: it keeps telling me that there is a new version available.

if i do select the update button again it downloads the plugin and installs the update: already the same version and force-replacing the plugin. but again the software update check keeps telling me i should update the plugin?

anyone here who can help me find the cause?

have already restarted the software and a full system reboot too. even a power cycle in my house as the powercompany had problems in our city :slight_smile:

Hi :tentacle:

Could you please upload a systeminfo bundle?
It hopefully tells us why that happens

Looks like the plugin maintainer has picked up on this and released a new version 1.6.7 that should not continue prompting.

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Thanks, this newer version of the update installed and does now work well :slight_smile: thanks for he help!