Plugin URL behind HAProxy

I know here in the forum is a lot of stuff about proxies, but nothing fits for my issue:

I am using flask.url_for("plugin.SpoolManager.selectSpoolByQRCode", _external=True, databaseId=databaseId) for generating an absolut url like this:


But now, I received an issue that this always generate http-urls instead of an https url.
See Spool QR code points to http instead of https 路 Issue #156 路 OllisGit/OctoPrint-SpoolManager 路 GitHub

I know that I could add _scheme='https' to the url_for method, but then https is added everytime.

Is there a "standard-way" in OP?

My current idea is that I send the browser-location to the python backend and do some magic string manipulation to decide to add http or https.

Any idea is welcome

Does it really need to be an absolute URL? A relative URL would be so much easier. Https is just one variable; how about the port? The reverse proxy could also prepend a path. How would you even get a useful hostname?

OctoPrint itself uses the url_for jinja function to reference its own index, here: OctoPrint/systeminfo.jinja2 at b6ebe7c8539b86acb217483b853910d23518967f 路 OctoPrint/OctoPrint 路 GitHub

Unfortunately I need an absolute url, because it is hard coded into the qr-code image.

I think I will try to send the javascript value window.location.origin to my plugin-api. And the plugin could use this to generate the absolute URL for the QR-Code-Link.

Or I will add an textfield in the plugin-settings where the user could enter the url prefix.

Did you see the second part of my response about how OctoPrint creates an absolute URL in the jinja template?

Yes, the jina2 template use the function I do in my plugin.

The flask.url_for() function.

So, I used the same approach...instead of "index" I am using my plugin url..maybe this is the issue.

I ask the user to provide me the haproxy-config, because I want to setup the same environment to reproduce the issue. At the moment it is ("raten im Garten")...english translation "a shot in the dark"

So until I got the haproxy-config the issue is on hold

Thx, for your idea.

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"rat in the garden", that's awesome.

I was able to reproduce the issue with my own installed haproxy.

If the header X-Scheme is missing then OP/Flask could not handle the protocoll.
In newer haproxy config it looks like this:

backend octoprint
        http-request add-header X-Scheme https if { ssl_fc }
        option forwardfor
        server octoprint1

It was already posted here: Reverse proxy configuration examples (see haproxy ssl section)

Thanks for update and quick reply. I'll be sure to keep an eye o this thread. Looking for the same issue. login