Plugin wifi status can't find it in the octoprint pluging store

i am trying to find the plugin octoprint wifi status but i cannot find it. I tried manually with the link but then got an error. how do I get it?

It requires a Python 3 install. Are you using Python 3 to run OctoPrint? You can see in the bottom left corner of the UI.

Please, in all your posts include a bit more information to help people find out what the actual problem is rather than guessing.

I have two raspberries and on the one it could find and install it without any problems. both the same raspberry

Python, not Raspberry Pi.

Python 2.7.16 how can I update this?

You can run the script as shown in the blog post, or you can install OctoPi 0.18 which uses Python 3 out of the box.

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