Polaroid Playsmart

Is this printer compatible with Octoprint?
It seems this type is not to be found in this forum..

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It runs Marlin 1.1.8 so probably yes - as long as they didn't mess something up.

I think I heard that Polaroid were violating the GPL license by not releasing the source, so we don't really know. Best you can do is try it out, if you find it does work then report back and the next person to ask this question won't have to :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup heard the same..
Also they're using an android powered display on the printer :roll_eyes:

Ps: I just sent them a request for the sources. Let's see what happens :crossed_fingers:

I have OctoPrint working on my Polaroid Playsmart right now. I'm new to both Octoprint and 3d printing in general, but I would be happy to help if I can. I have an additional webcam hooked up to the raspberry pi and I'm looking to see if I can view the print with the printer's camera that already there as well.


I have been using this Playsmart printer for about 6 months now (my first 3D) and have had a lot of problems, mostly with filament. Even with Polaroid filament.
And the software, “prep” is badly written.
Therefor I’d like to use octoprint, preferably on Raspberry Pi.
Btw, the video livestream, has never worked in my case (recordings do)

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Yeah the smartPrep software sucks I can not get it to generate g code files. I'm using cura slicer with the Polaroid profiles. https://youtu.be/XRw8DXwUd1g
Also check out Polaroid PlaySmart 3D Printer User Group Öffentliche Gruppe | Facebook
As far as live streaming from the printer make sure the printer and what ever the app is downloaded on (my phone) has the most updated firmware. I've been able to use the camera on the printer.
Not sure about the filament maybe a description, pictures, or video might help.

Hi - I can speak to this subject. I bought a Polaroid PlaySmart about a month ago (on closeout, $99 USD) and have been experimenting with it since then. Here's what I know at this point:

  • The PlaySmart works very well with OctoPrint. I'm using it routinely that way, and had very little trouble getting it to work. The one caveat is that, when you use OctoPrint, some of the controls (like movement of axes) are disabled on the PlaySmart display screen. It does show the correct temperature for the hotend and bed, though. I can share screenshots of my settings if needed. One thing to remember is that you'll need to reverse the controls for the Z axis (the default goes the wrong way).

  • The PlaySmart works well with PrusaSlicer, although it has taken some experimentation to get the printer settings close to where I want them. I'm about 90 percent there, I think. If anyone wants my settings as a starting point, just let me know.

  • The part fan on the PlaySmart is pretty weak (It's a 4010, I believe, and the airflow design is lacking). I basically run it 100% all the time after the second layer when I'm printing PLA, and that has helped reduce the stringing. Without that, though, stringing on the little guy is pretty bad.

  • I'm actually pretty impressed with the overall design of the printer. The hotend moves on a gantry that is similar to what you see on an Ultimaker, and it's pretty accurate. Once I get things dialed in further, I'm going to try some speed tests. Right now I'm running at 40mm/s so that I can identify other impediments to quality. I think the hardware has some real potential, despite the 120x120x120 build space.

  • The firmware looks to be straight Marlin under the hood, plus whatever Android voodoo they are using for the display. I've yet to come across a problem with it processing any Marlin gcode.

  • The Polaroid SmartPrep software is a waste. I can't even get it to process a file on my Win10 desktop. The mobile app is a bit better, but not much; the remote view from the camera doesn't always come up when you request it. I've had to press the button three or four times before I get an image.

  • The timelapse function works as advertised, although the camera position isn't the greatest if you are printing in the center or back of the bed.

At $500 USD - the original selling price - the PlaySmart was way overpriced. At $99, it's a bit of a bargain, especially when you factor in the free 1kg filament roll, and the spool holder. I'm glad I took a chance on it.

I have a Playsmart and would be very interested to see your settings for PrusaSlicer. I am getting
fed up with the SmartPrep software.



Hi, I was wondering if you ever got Octoprint to be able to use the internal camera of the Playsmart. I have found no documentation on how to do this.


Hey, sorry. Just saw this yesterday. Here's my current PrusaSlicer config bundle, which has both my printers (the PlaySmart and a CR-10S converted to direct drive). Use what you wish. I hope you find it helpful!

The infill and wall settings are high because I'm currently printing a new airflow duct for the CR-10. Normally I print at 10-25% infill with 3 perimeters.
PrusaSlicer_config_bundle 06112021.ini.zip (4.6 KB)

I haven't figured out how to route the PlaySmart camera through OctoPrint as yet. I pawed through the source code but didn't see anything that looked promising. (I'm not a programmer, so it's entirely possible I overlooked something without knowing.) It's definitely a nonstandard interface of some kind - I tried several common URLs, without any luck.

I've set up an old Android cellphone with IP Webcam and it works pretty well. Better angle for monitoring prints, too.

Hi, can I ask a really dumb question ? How do you connect the Pi to the Playsmart ? Is it over a USB A - USB A cable ?

It got a USB B connection on the back

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Hi, thanks for the reply. My head is in absolute shame :frowning: When I got the printer I put it in a place where the back wasn't readily accessible and so didn't actually see the USB port !. In my defence, the instructions don't reference it nor does the unit come with a USB cable. I feel particular stupid given all the effort I made to build a wireless USB disc to plug in the front - doh !

Just done a print - working well..