Pop out floating camera plugin


It would be pretty interesting if you could pop out the camera stream into it's own small window, and be able to move it around and place over other pages...

Just an idea


If your webcamd is listening on port 8080, you can do this with VLC by opening the URL:

http://{address of your octoprint system}:8080/?action=stream

From the command line on Mac OS:

open -a VLC http://octopi:8080/?action=stream

this assumes your octoprint system is named "octopi" on your network.

It's not quite the same thing as clicking on something to pop out the camera stream like you're requesting, but the end result is the same.

There's a plugin where you can double-click on the camera stream in octoprint and it expands to be the full window - I'm not a plugin writer but I imagine it would be possible to implement what you're looking for in a plugin as well.


Just for the record: It would!


I have the full screen plugin, very useful
What I am saying is have a popout button and it would detach from the control screen, in it's own window, then be able to click the other controls tabs as well

Either way very cool idea with VLC...I have connected to it with that method as well


The VLC method is something I'm using more and more - if I have a print running I'll run just that in its own window, usually half-sized (CMD-0 on Mac) so it fits in a corner and I can keep an eye on it without having to constantly switch back to it. I've been using it so much I even wrote a bash function to start it on my Mac OS systems:

printcam ()
    open -a VLC http://${1:-octopi.local}:${2:-8080}/?action=stream

Running printcam by itself connects to my RasPi when I'm on my network, but I can specify a first argument to override the name and a second to override the port - this is useful when I'm at work and am using ssh port forwarding, at which point I can type printcam localhost to bring it up.

I'm a command-line guy through and through - I'm sure it would not be terribly difficult to write this into an AppleScript and register it as an app or something like that, but I spend so much time in the terminal, that's the fastest way for me to start it