Power Aycubic 4Max Pro From Tasmota

Im new to Octoprint and would like to contol power to my Anycubic 4max pro printer with Tasmota. In order to turn on my printer i need to press a momentary switch so I have installed Tasmota on a ESP 8266 Wemos D1 Mini with a relay and connected it to the leads on the button. I have then configure tasmota to activate the relay and then shut off simulating the press on the button. I works good at turning the printer on but when i try to set up the shutdown on idle in the Tasmota plugin octoprint says the printer is shut down but still remains running. Once i click on the power icon on top task bar in octoprint the printer turrns off when it says it should be on. Seem to be backwards now. Would this be due to Tasmota toggling to on state and then the off state without octoprint knowing its off. If so would there be any way to configure Tasmota to stay in the on state until it is triggered one more time and then going to the off state. Or maybe there is some other way i can achieve this. The printer dose not come on once the main is connected. I have to push a button to turn it on. Im just learing a bit about Tasmota so im not very familiar with it functions.

Thank you.

Did you also enable the option in the specific tasmota device's settings in the plugin to power off on idle?

Yes i did. Octoprint dose go though the process of shutting it down and indicate it is powered off. But it did not . When Tasmota is triggered to turn on it turns on then shutts off to simuate pushing the momentary power switch being pressed. I have a feeling it has something to do in how Tasmota is configured. If i can only figure out how to configure it to stay in the on state after it is first triggered and go to off when triggered the second time. Im sure that will solve my issue.