PowerFailure Upgrade can't finalize - Wizard won't close

Im just upgraded my PowerFailure plugin to 1.2 and the wizard started after reboot.
I click on the finish button, as recommended and it directed me to an unavailable GitHub page and the wizard won't close. I can't get back into the octoprint console. I was thinking of booting into safe mode to uninstall it, but I can't get to the UI to initialize it.

Is there a SSH command to run to reboot into safe mode? I can't seem to find the right syntax to do it properly

try going to http://octopi.local/recovery (or by ip address, just append /recovery to the end of the URL you use to access OctoPrint. That should allow you to disable the plugin. @paukstelis probably would want to know about this though.

For reference, it wants you to go to this URL: GitHub - pablogventura/OctoPrint-PowerFailure

Thanks! I just saw the code to drop in the config.yaml to boot safe mode, if ti doesn't work I will give this a try next.

the /recovery URL got the job done for me. thanks again!

BTW the plugin maintainer is aware of the issue and is working on it...

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The plugin has now been fixed.

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