PowerOff Printer via Radio Outlets


Hello Together!

I am new in the 3D Printing World and have a new Ender 3 Pro from Creality.
I also have installed the finished OctoPi Image on my RPI 3b and has configured this :wink:

I installed a Plugin named "System Command Editor" and can turn the light and printer on and off via web Interface in Octoprint.

But is not there a solution that Octoprint does not automatically execute this command, that I use when the print is finished?
Maybe through a third-party plugin?

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You may be able to get the ShutdownPrinter plugin to work for you.


Thanks for your Answer!
I'll take a look at it at the weekend

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I have now installed ShutdownPrinter Plugin, but where can i enter the System Command which i want to execute?


Did you visit the Settings page for your newly-added plugin?


but i dont have a TPLINK Power Socket, and so no IP for it :wink:


Sorry. I would guess that if you don't have a TP-Link then this may not be the plugin you're looking for.

So you've successfully called some secret command from System Command Editor and this works for you. Let's say that you created OCTO901 for ON and OCTO900 for OFF.

Why not then go into your Settings -> GCode Scripts -> After print job completes and After print job is cancelled and add...



There are benefits to the plugin, but I just looked and it appears that it integrates with a couple of "mode" options according to the github repo. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like system command is one of those.

But @OutsourcedGuru option would definitely work if you have the system commands working.


But the PSU Control plugin does have those options....