Preview display plugin?

PrusaSlicer embeds preview images of the objects in question in the gcode.

Is there a plug-in that displays them?

Of course:

Meh. Thanks. I should have searched for more than "image".

… now if it'd actually find the thumbnails in my files, that'd be even better.

Bug filed …

Have you set this?

Of course. The files contain a bunch of variously-sized thumbnails in both QOI and PNG.

Having just read the "bug report", I have to say it doesn't look particularly helpful for @jneilliii to actually comment.

There's no example gcode file to show the problem, no information as to what slicer you used, what configuration options you have selected, no octoprint logs. Not even any actual sentences used in the bug report to describe the problem, which comes across quite abrupt & rude to me - I certainly would not be incentivised to spend my time looking into a problem for someone who can't spend time to type a few extra words and provide some helpful details.


I've commented on the issue you posted on GitHub but want to post this here in case someone else stumbles across this post. If you are expecting to see thumbnails in the file list you need to make sure that you have the Use inline thumbnails. option enabled in settings.