"Print again?" feature, most overlooked missing feature

The most useful feature that I feel is missing is repeating the last print easily and via some of the already present hardware buttons.

I know that Octoprint registered when the printer is paused because I get a notification through Octoprint when the printer is paused. The printer can be unpaused by pressing the button via the scroll wheel of the printer, at least that it works on my Prusa MK3S machines.

Would it be possible to have a message "Print again?" once the print is done, so that you just press a button and it prints again?

Would it be possible to somehow re-use the pause function for "Print again?" feature?

How would you implement "Print again?" feature?

I think there is a relatively new start action command in Marlin that if your firmware sends that back to OctoPrint (HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS) it will automatically start the already selected file. Additional details described here. Maybe Prusa has a similar option.

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Interesting! Are there any printers with latest Marlin firmware and Octoprint that have implemented and tested this feature? I'm really eager to find out more.

I use this on my printer, it does work. I can cancel the print at the printer's LCD and then just start it again (or at the end as well). Works very well, the only thing is that the print must be selected in OctoPrint first.


Can you please explain in detail what you need to have configured and how to have this feature work? Can you also please share a short video showing menu options and how it actually works? Thank you in advance!

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The configuration line is in Configuration_adv.h in Marlin here

It needs HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS to be defined first, as you can see from the code there.

The option is added in the menu here:

It will just print the currently selected file from OctoPrint.