Print History Data Migration Possible?


I recently built new octopi, as my old versions were too old to upgrade. I would like to be able to retain all the months/years of print history data I've accumulated, but I have no idea how. Yes, I know the author has abandoned support of the plugin, but, there is nothing else that I am aware of, and it does currently still work.

So . . . anyone know how to move that data from one octopi to another?? I would prefer to be able to merge old data with new, but I'd be happy if I could just move the old data over, even if it wiped out the new data.



You can find the sqlite3 database in the data/printhistory folder would be my guess. I would assume you could just copy that folder from one pi to another. Not sure, but there is a good chance that the backup/restore plugin in the latest OctoPrint will also be able to back up this information and transfer, as long as the plugin is listed in the repository.

cd ~/.octoprint/data

Thank you very much. Found history.db right where you said. The plugin is not in the repository any longer, so I'll see if I can export/import to combine the 2 dbs. Otherwise I'll just drop the old in place of the new db and see what happens.

Thanks again.