Print progress visual


Sometimes when printing taller objects with little to no visual difference in layers im having a hard time monitoring the progress via the octoprint interface.

im having frequent problems with clogged nozzles and having a visuel guide to confirm progress and not being clogged could be a great addition, i have conjured a Paint suggestion to how it could look. im thinking something along the lines of how banks and super markets identify the height of a robber.

or maybe just a ruler instead of the colors?


thus being able to, at a glance, identify wheater the progress showed on the preogess bar correlates to an actual progress on the print.

maybe it could just a overlay you can tick on off, or a plugin.

this would only be useable on a bed mounted webcam.


Given the way perspective works, this would be problematic for a single column like that. A perfect height gauge would factor in something called a viewpoint pyramid and you'd maybe have to put the column in the center of the virtual bed.

Personally, I'd probably try to cool things up a notch with cues on the side...


Noting that I gave the "good" version of PhotoShop to my girlfriend, here's a crude drawing of what I was suggesting about the perspective. I've attempted to draw the boundaries of three planes on your bed.


How about something like...?


Is that a wrasslin ring?


That's the quadcopter I'm printing out. I had to design my own support (which you can see there in the foreground). Oh wait, you meant the previous one. Yes. Yes it is.