Print quality with Octolapse?

I'm in the need of some help with the print quality when using Octolapse.

I have gone through the process of setting my flowrate, printing temperature, retract distance/speed towers to dial in the settings for Cura and I am able to print any retract tower without any strings, artifacts, with maybe some whisps here and there. I've even created a test tower that has 120 mm separation of the towers and again, nice perfect print.

But turn on Octolapse, and choose any stabilization location with any of the smart triggers (except the smart snap), i.e., move the print head out of the snapshot, the prints get messy.

In Cura I've enabled

Retract at layer change
Combing Mode - Within Infill
Outer Wall Wipe Distance - 0.1 mm
Z Hop When Retracted
Z Hop Only Over Printed Parts
Z Hop Height - 0.2mm

to get the best results, so far. But it's still not right. Oh, and I've increased the travel speed to its maximum.

Can I get some more suggestions on what to change in Cura to reduce/eliminate the blemishes?

The only thing I've noticed in Cura slices, is that before a long travel, during the retraction, it does a weird nozzle wipe (straight back, or at an angle) on inside lines, then it does the travel. I think this is where the magic happens to minimize stringing. Does Octolapse have the ability to mimic this?

Have you tried working through ?

Yeppers! I've been through it several times, verifying everything.

I have tweaked so much stuff systematically over the last month, it's a bit mind boggling.

Well, I FINALLY got a good print.

I received my order of new nozzles, a collection from 0.2 - 1.0mm (brass, coated brass, hardened), and tried smaller than 0.4.

That was the ticket!!!

0.2 or 0.3 work perfectly. Anything above that, forget about it! Strings, boogers, blobs, dendrites.