Print speed control after job starts

S3D user here.. on the S3D control panel we have a speed slider that will let you alter the print speed during a print job. Octoprint has feed rate and flow rate.. do either of those = print speed.. I am thinking not..
Currently started a print at 35mms that could be run at 60mms as it is really simple and I forgot to alter before slicing.. Anything that would let me do this with Octoprint?

They are feed rate modifiers. Meaning that they will modify the programed feed. It's a percentage so if you want to go from 30mm/s to 60mm/s then you enter 200. Those controls are in the Control tab below the video feed.
Same goes for filament feed or flow rate.

Yes, that was my main question is feed rate the same as print speed.. to me feed rate would be extruder speed

It's kind of a picky technical difference, your changing the feed rate (print speed) by a percentage and not directly by the rate. The indication is 100 (%) of the programed rate and you are going up or down from there in percentage, not directly in rate. So you set it to 50 and that is 50% of the programed rate whatever that might be. Some slicers support programming the filament by a volumetric rate vs the normal mm per time rate.
Feed rate applies to x,y,z,& e (the extruder rate).

Ok great, just needed to know if which one of them was the proper slider to make it go faster :wink:
Thanks again!

Actually the slider only lets you go up to 150%

I never did get an answer.. Which slider changes what.. Feed and Flow they are 2 different things. which one makes the extruder move faster and which one make the filament drive gear go faster.. I understand %
My assumption is feed is how faster the the extruder moves over the bed or vise versa..

Quiz question:
what do you think why is the button labled "Feed rate" below the buttons for the movement control (X/Y Z) and the button labled "Flow rate" below the extruder control (Tool / E)?

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That was my assumption but I am a unix admin and have no faith in developers to be logical.. :grinning:
Thanks for the clarification.


Boahhh ey, without the smiley this would be a slap in the face of an excellent developer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Na, I started out in the IT field as an (dating myself big time) Informix 4GL programmer .. we were not called developers.. you were a systems annalist or a programmer !
Got tired of spending days updating code to add something and then the manager coming back and saying.. Oh I forgot to tell you......

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To me the "control tab" used to be "control tab for controlling the printer manually when it is not printing". It came as a complete surprise to me that something there would control the printer while it was actually printing.