Printer Notification Plugin

Hi, I am usually busy on my PC while the printer is running in a different room.

Would it be possible to get a PLUGIN to notify me, like a alert tone or pop-up, when my printer needs attention?

So when a print is finished or an error occurred I will be notified. It will eliminate the need to check my Octoprint page regularly, which I forget when busy with other work.

Any ideas or suggestions also welcome.
Thank you.


External clients/software would be the easiest way to trigger a notification. The web notifications API (so that websites can send you native push notifications) is only available in secure contexts (ie. using https), which most OctoPrint users don't have setup & probably never will, so it's not an easy plugin to make.

There's a few notification plugins for things like Discord or Telegram, or plugins that will send you an email/text message (OctoText) that could be used for this if you wanted.

I thought he was talking about something like Cinnamon or KDE plugins :man_facepalming:

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E-mail and text does not work for me. It take too long for the email to get thru many times. By the time I get it to do a filament swap, the bed already cooled, and I got trouble.

I did not know about the security thing.

It would be best if the open Octoprint browser page on the PC could attract my attention immediately.

Thank you for the insight and suggestions, appreciated.

A proper firmware should keep the bed temp until filament swap or shutdown/reset.

You may try the OctoPod plugin:

This goes directly to your device without a server in between.

I thought I looked at all of these plugin, obviously not.
Will try OctoPod.
Thank you very much.