Printer powered on unattended

I have had two incidents to date with my printers turning on with a hotend of 240 and bed of 80. I happened to walk by today and my Anycubic Mega Pro hotend fan was running I looked and it was hot.. And the extruder had moved to high and center (neither of which I did myself). The last job I printed was 2 days ago with PLA at 200 and 60 and it was off after the print job. I have not touched it since. All three of my printers are on OctoPrint 1.7.3 and I have octoeverywhere..

This is very disturbing, after the first incident my first thought was maybe Octoeverywhere was hacked and someone was playing with my printers (aka the Spaghetti detective incident). I emailed the octoeverywhere team and asked about a hack. they said all good and that I should check my logs. I did not have the serial log turned on so I enabled it. After a couple of months, I kept getting warnings about leaving serial logging turned on, so I turned it of.. then the incident happened today.

I am open to suggestions, but I do not have ANY Print jobs that use 240 and 80 so I am somewhat at a loss on what is happening.

I have an octoprint log, but not much there.[octoprint.log|attachment]
(upload://4qXJSh8iddZ5QLa9l4LiY8DJt1w.log) (91.3 KB)

The first thing I'd do is get rid of Octoeverywhere! The second thing I'd do is take a hard look at your router and remove all port forwards. Next I'd evaluate the need for access to the LAN (or the printer) from the outside.

One of the best ways of doing that is use a VPN. Hopefully, your router has built in support for one. If not, I'd consider a new router or new firmware for your existing router.

Give us details about your needs and your hardware. We may be able to suggest some solutions or directions to pursue.